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Re: Way Off Topic: Interesting Endorsements !!

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On Nov 2, 2004, at 10:02 PM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

Speaking for myself, I didn't want "revenge."
I'd cherish a video of Bin Laden dying a hero's death at the end of a pigskin rope with a pork chop stuck in his mouth. I still have moments when that thought goes through my head, but I'd be just as happy if he died peacefully in his own bed if it would make the Israelis and Palestinians stop killing each other.

I am all for leaving anyone alone that doesn't pose a threat to us, or can be contained in the usual manner.

And I'm glad as h*ll that we went to Iraq.
Sounds like you want it both ways. If we'd left everyone alone who didn't pose a threat, we wouldn't be in Iraq.

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