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Re: Terrorism?

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Actually, Gregory, terrorism against Israel preceded the "occupation". Furthermore, if you go to, it states that the first "modern" suicide attack was against the Iraqi Embassy in Beirut sometime around 1982 (stated dates differ). Other suicide attacks followed in Lebanon against United States and French targets. Hardly due to occupation by the Israelis as you state. This was an "export" to Israel as late as 1992, although it had been used after the Americans and French against Israeli troops, in Lebanon, not Israel, during the 1980's. The use of suicide attacks is also a well documented tool used by the Japanese and Viet Cong against American troops. For more history see and, (excerpt: "The concept of ?terror? as systematic use of violence to attain political ends was first codified by Maximilien Robespierre during the French Revolution."). I am sure there is more out there if you want to find it. If you wish to dispute this, write to the authors of the papers, please.
James Cohen, PE
James Cohen Consulting, PC
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From: ASC
Sent: Wednesday, November 03, 2004 08:43 PM
Subject: Terrorism?

After reading some of the opinions, it is difficult
not to make the following observations:
After over 30 years of heavy handed occupation, the
despair and hopelesness of the Palestinians
culminated in the acts of suicidal terrorism.
For some reason this also became a fashion among
Muslim extremists of all sorts. A broad-based international
terrorism has taken off.
At this point in time the US news media has scored a great success:
Making Americans believe that terrorism is a sort of disease
and not distinguishing the causes. Making them forget
that some of the prominent terrorist became in time the heads
of states and Nobel Laureats.
Making them forget Nelson Mandela.
It certainly is not all the same...
Sincerely, Gregory