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RE: plywood diaphragm on light gage

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I designed a number of these a few years ago, and at the time there were several ICBO reports available that listed the diaphragm values. The tables looked just like the standard code tables for wood diaphragms with the addition of the gage of the joist supporting the plywood. Lighter gage increases the likelihood of a pull-out failure of the screw at the joist flange. Anyway, I went online to get the updated ICC reports, and I could not find any! I don't remember what happened, probably the client changed to wood joists. Unfortunately, I have not had the time, or the mandate to go and find out what happened to these reports. I would contact some of the screw manufacturers to see if there is current information available. If you are really in a pinch, I might be able to track down some old reports and send you copies.

Dmitri Wright, PE

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Subject: plywood diaphragm on light gage

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Some time ago (probably over a year ago) I had posted a question =
using plywood as a horizontal diaphragm when supported by light gage
framing.  I understand that there are values for this system for shear
walls, but none published in the IBC for diaphragms.  When I posted the
question someone on the list said that there was one company that had =
own system tested and had values for that system.  I didn't pursue that =
the time as the framing system changed. I am now curious about the =
that was mentioned as I don't believe the particular company was listed. =
anyone can help my with locating that particular company or better yet =
(ICBO /ICC) approval I would really appreciate the help.


Joseph R. Grill, PE

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