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STEEL: W- to HSS- Connections

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Bill Polhemus wrote:

"2. I'd like to design a Vierendeel Truss using WF members for the
and HSS for the vertical members, with moment connections for the HSS to

the WF. I don't seem to be able to identify a design procedure for HSS 
to the flange of a WF in the aforementioned "black book"; all the 
procedures outlined appear to be for bolted end-plate connections. Am I 
missing something in there, or is there something that someone else can 
point to?"

What do you think you're doing, posting a technical question on this

I designed a truss like you describe (HSS webs, WF chords) a couple
years ago.  Mine was a true truss, not a Vierendeel, but most of what I
found still applies to your question.

The Black Book does not have guidance on such connections.  You need to
get Packer and Henderson's text, "Hollow Structural Section Connections
and Trusses," published by the CISC  (ISBN 0-88811-086-3).  It directly
addresses this type of connection.  Mine was published in 1997; I don't
know if there is a more recent edition.  Call the CISC at
1-416-491-4552, or go to

As an aside, you'll find it interesting that a lot of the text in the
Black Book was lifted directly out of Packer and Henderson's text (one
of them worked on the Black Book).

Have fun.

Mike Hemstad, P.E.

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