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My congratulations to an Election well represented

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We had our say and our differences. I wish now to offer my sincere congratulations to all of you who took the time to place your vote in this election. As many have said (including both sides of the political aisle) this great country will endure and remain strong. For those of you who voted your conscience for Mr. Bush, you have my personal congratulation. For those of you who cast your vote for Mr. Kerry, you have my thanks.

Now I must mend my bridges with clients who are pi*sed that I am so late on getting work out.


Again, my greatest respect and appreciation to all of you, on all sides of the political spectrum, who cast your vote during this election. I hope the rest of you who did nothing will learn from this – the election again was close and your vote does matter.





Dennis S. Wish, PE

California Professional Engineer

Structural Engineering Consultant



"Apathy is Lethal!" Speak out and Vote - but make sure you getthe facts right without the spin from either side; Verify their claims at FactCheck.Org;


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