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RE: Way Off Topic: Interesting Endorsements !!

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Somebody appears to have forgotten the palestinians dancing in the streets after the towers' destruction. Even if it could have been used as a lever, how exactly would this "cutting off at the knees" occur? Hmmm? What is this about using the corrupt U.N. that was taking billions in bribes from a brutal dictator that was repeatedly and openly violating their own resolutions? This is the group you trust to do the right thing? Huh? What am I missing here? What is so damn wrong with trusting our own President? Everything you mention in your second paragraph IS being done...sorry if CBS doesn't do stories of US special forces working in the Phillipines, North Africa, etc. or all the financial efforts underway. Wallow in your willful blindness...continue to bash this honest man we have as President...tear the country to shreds with your discontent if you must. However, I WILL NOT sit here and listen to you tell me that DISCO IS DEAD! That's it! I  like disco and that's where I draw the line!

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On Nov 2, 2004, at 11:33 AM, Jen Wadsworth wrote:

> Just curious - what should GW have done with his "rare opportunity to
> bring
> us all together in a common cause" ?? I thought the country was in
> unison in
> wanting some revenge after 9/11.
We all wanted revenge--even bleeding heart liberals like me, but
revenge doesn't accomplish anything. So here's a what-if idea for
election day, when not a lot of real work will get done anyway.

Given the global outpouring of sympathy that week, I'd bet that 9/11
could have motivated a truly world-wide 'war' against terror, with the
first 'battle' to be settlement of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:
security for Israel and a viable Palestinian state. That would go a
long way toward cutting a great many terrorist organizations off at the
knees. I really think that the UN with the financial, diplomatic and
military backing of every member nation, could have done it. (The
alternative is that it can't ever be done, and the conflict will last
forever, which effectively makes humankind an evolutionary dead end.)

As a joint task a real leader could have gotten work started on an
international effort to isolate terrorists by keeping track of them,
sharing information, and rendering terrorists visible. It would have
meant eating some crow by taking on all terrorists: the IRA, the Tamil
Tigers, whatever the Phillipine Huks now call themselves, God knows how
many African 'militia' gangs and the Columbian drug mob, and it would
be a huge job by itself, let alone overcoming the notion that our pet
murderers are freedom fighters and an internal matter, while yours are
terrorists and a worldwide concern.

It would be a huge job, that probably would never actually be finished,
but with the WTC ruins as background, it could have been at least given
a start. I daresay TR or cousin Franklin were the only presidents ever
with the cachet, vision, brains and drive to bring it off. If Dub had
even given the notion as much as a lick and a promise, a real
international war against terrorism wouldn't be as dead as disco.

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