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Given the recent comments about racism and bigotry,  I think maybe I should re-post some of the responses (from some time last summer) to a post from a Nigerian.

I thought it was a very impressive display of cultural sensitivity and interest in the correct use of the English language.

I was particularly impressed by the person who ridiculed the guy for his use of the word "labour".  Which as, it so happens, is the correct spelling in British English.

My take from that thread was that on this list,  it is okay to insult someone if:

a.)  you do it on purpose
b.)  you single out a particular person
c.)  you gang up on that person

I did not intend to insult anyone with my post about post-tensioning detailing.  I have apologized once, and do so again.  All I meant to do was indicate that I was shocked by the request.  Because I think I know who the post-tensioning supplier is.

In my experience,  very few engineers really understand post-tensioning detailing.  At the most,  they try to figure out if there are enough tendons.  Typically, the engineer finds out there is a problem because the contractor calls and says the profile shown on the installation drawings has the tendons outside of the slab,   or running through the stairwell, or being stressed at a location that is completely inaccessible.

I will also note that I mentioned the 1965 immigration law mostly to see what responses I would get.  In my opinion, the only intelligent one was the person that asked what I was talking about.  

There were in fact changes to the law in 1990, the most important one being the creation of a visa lottery,  which was a great thing,  because DC ended up with a soccer star.  The visa lottery was established to give a chance to people who had no other hope of immigrating (because they did not fall in to any of the "preferred" categories.)

There have been some other stunning displays of cultural enlightenment on this list.  A reference to the prime minister of France as "the frog PM" comes to mind.

Gail Kelley

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