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Reinf. for excess conc. col size

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Sorry, for this question, as I remember someone asking this or something very similar in the recent past.  I tried to search the archives but for some reason I could not gain access.  If you have a concrete column or in some cases a pedestal where the concrete area is much larger than is required for strength, then the minimum required reinforcing can be reduced per ACI 318 to what is required for a reduced section but not less than 50 percent.  My question is does the reduced amount of reinforcing then need to be arranged in a pattern for the smaller required section or can it be spaced around the larger section.  For example if a column is 24” square, 1% steel would require 19, or let’s say 20-#5 bars.  But if a 12” square column would have worked then 10 #5 bars could be used per ACI.  Should the #5 bars be arranged in the 24” column as if it were in a 12” column?  Wow, I’m having a hard time explaining this, but I’m sure you all understand.


Joe grill


Joseph R. Grill, PE (Structural)