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Re: can you say...IBC, SBC, EIEIO...

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Caldwell, Stan wrote:


I hate to be the one bearing bad news, but my understanding is that Pasadena, Texas adopted the NFPA 5000 building code some time ago.  There are only two cities that have made that mistake.  The other one is Phoenix, Arizona.  It is expected that Phoenix will switch to IBC in the next two years.  According to my sources, so will the State of California.  That will leave Pasadena, Texas as the sole user of NFPA.  At least you won't have to worry about the cost of future updates!
Oh, that IS funny! I thought I was making a joke--Pasadena's adoption of the NBC some years back must have been an attempt at iconoclasm.

But I see that, if this is true, they're still behaving true to form!

NFPA 5000, here I come!

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