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Re: to block or not to block?

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Is the roof nailing 8d's or 10d's @ 6"oc ? Wall nailing 8d's @ 6"oc. If you have a 2x at that block the nail plane will be crossing each other. A 3x will be better (there will be wood around the nails). Yes the contractor will wine and yell and whatever. So what !
Even though it is low end quality I believe it is more of an integrity issue with the connection.
Also, in that situation we require a CS 16 full length of wall on the vertical plywood face and we use the strap nailing as our edge nailing.
On moderate quality we may install what we call truss blocks between the trusses. That is a rectangular panel with 2x4's verts and bottom and 3x4 or 6 at top with 3/8" OSB or Plywd.
We are in a high seismic area however many times wind governs shear wall design in most houses, because the roofs are not that large.
Joe Venuti
Johnson & Nielsen Associates
Palm Springs, CA