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Re: conc retaining walls

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This scenario definitely wouldn't meet the chpt 14 provisions, with 80% of the vertical reinforcement (>2/3 total, 14.3.4a) on the soil side and 48" spacing (>18" max o/c, 14.3.5) on the sunny side. Of course, with no vertical loads, this layout would be just fine.

It's good to mention making your footing dowels match your verticals. It happens far too often that the spacings are not integral multiples and that gets annoying in the field. Another spacing issue is coodinating with ICF form manufacturers - they all seem to have their favorite horiz/vert. spacings.

At 10:23 AM 11/5/2004 -0500, you wrote:
I agree with Scott and Steve, I would use two layers of reinforcement on a cantilvered concrete retaining wall, whether code allows you not to or not.

The way I always have done it, is I first design the flexural reinforcement on the soil side (tension), get a bar spacing like #5 @ 12" o.c. Then I take 2/3 of the required horizontal temp/shrink reinforcement, and put that on the "sunny side" of the wall, and the other 1/3 on the soil side. To support the horiz bars on the "sunny side", I use the same size bars as the vertical flexural bars at a bigger spacing like #5 @ 48" oc. This seems the easiest to build as you are using the same size bar size and increments of spacing. I also try to coordinate all this with the spacing of the bars in the footing so it can all tie together. (Ref. Reinf Concrete Design by Wang and Solomon, 6th Ed).

Andrew Kester, PE
Longwood, FL

Jordan Truesdell, PE

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