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Re: ACI Code and single layer steel in 12" wall

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In a message dated 11/5/2004 12:18:23 PM Eastern Standard Time, Rhkratzse writes:
"Basement – that portion of a building that is partly or completely below grade."

Including crawl spaces?
Actually,  I would guess it doesn't include crawl spaces,  because it gives a definition for foundation wall,  and a commentary on what a foundation wall is,  and appears to distinguish between basement walls and crawl space walls.  To wit (the commentary is designated "R",  don't ask me why):
"Foundation wall – a structural element of a foundation that transmits loads to the footing or
directly to the subgrade.

R – Examples of foundation walls include basement walls, crawl space walls and stem walls.”
This was a very strange document though.  It was apparently intended to fill in for things not covered by ACI 318 - it was written as  code document,  and thus would have equivalent weight to ACI 318.  However,  it was not really clear what it covered.  At least to me. 
For example, on one page, it said  the requirements for above-grade concrete walls were beyond the scope of the document, on the next page, it said "The design of above-grade walls shall be in accordance with the provisions of Chapter 6,7, or 8."
In addition, the chair and the secretary of the committee were the executive director and technical director of the Insulated Concrete Wall Assocation (or whatever it's called.)  The ACI document pulled in a bunch of stuff from their documents that seemed kind of odd.
Gail Kelley