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Re: can you say...IBC, SBC, EIEIO...

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In a message dated 11/5/04 10:54:18 AM, smaxwell(--nospam--at) writes:
It was my understanding that the plumbing unions also were a big factor
getting the NFPA chosen in California.  Could be wrong...but that is what
I remember hearing.

Funny (not!) how these things happen.  One of my favorite code-related stories is how, a long, long time ago, around the 1950s, in Philadelphia, a big-time masonry contractor used his political pull to retain the requirement for masonry back-up behind high-rise curtain walls, even though most other cities had eliminated it.  Finally reason prevailed, the requirement was eliminated, and Philly moved on into the 20th Century, albeit a half-century late.  That contractor's daughter later went on to fame, not in construction, but in movies ("High Noon") and marriage (to the Prince or Monaco); her name was Grace Kelly.

Now you know the rest of the story.   :)

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