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RE: Unions

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When you think about it, not much more hypocritical than forcing all

Of the “independent” testing agency “techs” to be part of the Engineers/Operators



Nothing like having the oversight entity be part of the same club as the people they

Are supposed to evaluate (their quality of work, anyway).



See, that kind of industry “good ol’ boy network” even happens in states that are Blue!



Ha! And you thought that only happens in the red states like Texas and Louisiana!




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With respect to unions and politics - in Chicago,  building inspectors are required to belong to the carpenter's union.  Is this required other places as well?  (It's not required in DC.)


Has this been true for as long as any one can remember?


Does it have anything to do with the fact that Carpenter's Local 14 was the largest contributor to Daley's campaign?


Gail Kelley