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Re: can you say...IBC, SBC, EIEIO...

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Subject: Re: can you say...IBC, SBC, EIEIO...

This happens all the time. Why do you think people in this country are not allowed to purchase cheaper drugs from Canada? Is it because they are unsafe? I seriously doubt that. It is because of big donations from the Mercks and Pfizers of this world.

Fellow engineers,

       This "Cheaper drugs from Canada" thing is a red herring!!!

I decided not to address this issue while the American election was in progress. Now that it is over (for better or worse) there are two points worth noting.

1.) Anyone who thinks that Canada, a country with a semi-socialized medicare system in place, and with a population of 30,000,000, can provide enough medication beyond our own needs to supply the U.S.A., with a population of 300,000,000, is dreaming in technicolour.

2.) We get most of our medication from American drug manufacturers, therefore, if we are actually getting sub standard product someone is cheeting and this cheating (which I most sencerely doubt) is well known in high places.

Our medication is cheaper is due to price controls set by (I believe) the Canadian government.

       I hope this clarifies this issue.

Best regards to all,

H. Daryl Richardson

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