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conc retaining walls/ bolts in CMU

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Concrete retaining walls:

To clarify, the 2/3 and 1/3 distribution is of the HORIZONTAL rebar for temp and shrinkage, the vertical bar spacing on the tension side is determined by design.

"This scenario definitely wouldn't meet the chpt 14 provisions, with 80% of the vertical reinforcement (>2/3 total, 14.3.4a) on the soil side and 48" spacing (>18" max o/c, 14.3.5) on the sunny side. Of course, with no vertical loads, this layout would be just fine."


CMU Bolts:

Joe, I have given up using that formula for bolts in the top of filled CMU cells. I think it is way too conservative, and also is based only on the shear cone of the grout, and not of any reinforcement. I always use epoxy bolts and their catalogs (at least as a guide) because these are based on testing of bolts embedded in a reinforced bond beam. If you use bolts or headed studs that extend beyond the reinforcement, this has to make a significant contribution.


Andrew Kester, PE

Longwood, FL