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Having been somewhat involved in the code development process for both codes, I will try to shed a little light on this.

During the development of the 97 UBC it was believed by some that since the ASD methodology has some inherent conservatism and over strength compared to the strength method, exempting such elements form the consideration vertical component was appropriate. 

By the time the 2000 IBC was being developed this rationale didn't seem to hold much water anymore, particularly since the effect of the vertical component could be much more than any conservatism that ASD provides in design strength. Therefore, for the sake of consistency it was deemed appropriate to apply it to both methods of design.

Ben Yousefi, SE
Santa Monica, CA

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Dear Dr. Gregory, please remember that this fact is well known for the code
committees also, so there should be a reason behind it when they allow
people to ignore this component, I'm seeking to know that reason and the
reason for changing it in the new code.

A. Karimzadegan
M.S. C.E.
Shiraz - Iran
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  I do not really remember what those codes are saying.
  But I know for sure that some quakes happen to have some strong
  vertical components. No matter how you place yourself strategically
  between the codes, you can be held negligent for ignoring
  this well known physical fact.


  Sincerely, Gregory

  Dr Gregory Szuladzinski
  Analytical Service Pty Ltd
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