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RE: 16" thick CMU wall

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It sounds like you are designing it as a cantilever wall. I've never relied on cmu ties to transfer the shear required for a composite section. I would hollow out the inside of the (2)-8" blocks and fill it solid like a pilaster.

I would be careful in proceeding with this if the flush face of the blocks is going to be at the compression side.

Will Haynes, P.E.

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Subject: RE: 16" thick CMU wall
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 15:40:30 -0800

I have built 16" CMU walls using two wythes of 8" block wall by:

1) removing the face shells on one side

2) tying them together with high-lift grout ties

3) provide temporary shoring during grouting

4) add #4 ties between the wythes anchored by horizontal bars at ea.

Since your wall is only 4'-0" high you can forgo #2 and #3

You can get 16" block from some manufacturers but they can be of limited
availability and types.

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Subject: 16" thick CMU wall

I have been ask (by the architect, owner, contractor and everyone else
in town) to change the design of a concrete retaining/basement wall that
was 12" thick to a CMU wall.  The 16" thickness will reduce to 12" at 4
ft from the footing and then to 8" at 8 ft from the footing.  At the
base the CMU will require a 16" thickness.  I am assuming the
construction will be 2 wythes of 8" CMU.  Is there any special detailing
required to make the double wythe work?  The wall will be solid grouted
and will have quite a bit of vertical steel in both faces.  I also have
horizontal bars at 16" o.c. Is there anything else required?


Joe Grill

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