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RE: wall

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I tried to reply to this earlier this morning, but it doesn't look like it
went through.  Basically, the wall is very high with a sloping backfill.
The restraint loads to be transferred into to diaphragm were too large in my
opinion to make a reasonable connection from the top of the wall into the
diaphragm.  In addition, the diaphragm that I had to work with was not
adequate for the imposed shear from the restraint forces.  It would have
caused a lot of headaches for everyone, especially me.  Therefore, I went
with a cantilever wall.  Since most of the construction around here is CMU,
I used a concrete stem for a portion of the height and then switched to CMU.
The architect and contractor had ask if the concrete portion could be
constructed of CMU.  I told them it would increase beyond a 12" thickness,
but the still ask.  Hence, all my questions.

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Subject: wall

Usually the basement wall is designed to span
vertically from the slab to the first floor using an
at rest coeff for the soil.  (not cantilevered)

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>Subject: 16" thick CMU wall
>I have been ask (by the architect, owner, contractor
and everyone else
>in town) to change the design of a concrete
retaining/basement wall that
>was 12" thick to a CMU wall.  The 16" thickness will
reduce to 12" at 4
>ft from the footing and then to 8" at 8 ft from the
footing.  At the
>base the CMU will require a 16" thickness.  I am
assuming the
>construction will be 2 wythes of 8" CMU.  Is there
any special detailing
>required to make the double wythe work?  The wall
will be solid grouted
>and will have quite a bit of vertical steel in both
faces.  I also have
>horizontal bars at 16" o.c. Is there anything else
>Joe Grill

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