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Re: Vertical component of EQ in UBC97 and IBC2000

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On Nov 9, 2004, at 10:23 AM, Harold Sprague wrote:

There were some tanks that had hoop stress failures. There were bridge cranes that collapsed.
What a great thread--makes all the political rants worthwhile. I'm real curious about the tank hoop stress failure and the bridge crane failures. Were any reports published?

Were the tank failures really overstress in the girthwise direction like you'd get with over-pressure or simply side wall failures?
Was the failure mechanism determined?
What did the failures look like? Any pictures?
Were the tanks liquid-filled?
Were the tanks intended to be pressurized or simply gravity tanks
Were the tanks horizontally mounted or vertical?
What sort of supports were used? Did the supports also fail?

What failed on the bridge cranes? Girders, end trucks, connections?
Did the structure itself fail or did either the bridge or trolley jump the rails?
Were there seismic hold-downs on the bridge or trolley?
Were the cranes under load at the time?

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