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Re: EUCO #620 gel Epoxy

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Epoxy values vary widely between manufacturers.  You need to get the ICC-ES/ICBO reports or other reputable test data and compare similar cases for both shear and tension.  Looking at both shear and tension is important, as some epoxies appear equivalent for one but not the other.  Check to make sure that the test methods and factor of safety assumptions are the same between the suppliers, so you know you have comparable values.  Until you do such a review, there is no particular reason to think that any two epoxies will be similar.  Contractors aren't always very good at proposing epoxy substitutions that are truly equal, although in their defense there are a lot of size, depth, and concrete strength variable to be considered.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

>>> Jesus Gomez <jgomez(--nospam--at)> 11/09/04 10:49AM >>>
A question for any and all. Is EUCO #620 gel Epoxy equivalent to Hilti's
RE500 (old HSE 2421)? In other words can I keep the same dowel length,
diameter and number of dowels when substituting EUCO #620 gel Epoxy by
RE500? This is a structural underpinning application to transfer loads from
an existing footing to a new micropile cap.

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