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RE: Discussion of Available Info on Design of Built-Up Box Beams/Headers

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I haven't seen anything on doing a composite design for CFS box headers
in the shop drawing stuff I have reviewed. I think the problem is
designing for wind combined with gravity for biaxial bending over
exterior wall openings.  Designing the studs for the gravity load only
and channels for perpendicular wind is conservative.

You would think that the channels could be added to the moment of
inertia of the studs with Aeff*d^2 thing and it would be conservative
but I have not seen it in a text book.  If you could do this then the
connections would be figured out of any mechanics of materials text book
shear/ft=VQ/I  neglecting slip in the fasteners.

Scott Haan

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Subject: CFS: Discussion of Available Info on Design of Built-Up Box

Greetings, All:

I am looking at a built-up box beam/header made from two C-shapes facing
lip-to-lip, nested inside a track shape on top and bottom. The C-shapes
face lip to lip but stand off from each other to rest against the
flanges of the tracks.

I'm attaching a JPEG of the shape for clarity's sake (size is only 6k).

Looking through the book "Cold Formed Steel Design" by Dr. Wei-Wen
Yu--assumed to be the Bible of CFS design--I really don't see much about
design aspects for this type of shape. I am assuming that one needs to
design fasteners (in this case, screws) to handle shears, etc., but how
does one approach the various checks one has to do?

Thanks for any illumination.

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