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RE: META-DISCUSSION: How Participation on SEAINT Can Hurt You

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This has concerned me on more than one occasion, yet I continue to serve
as an expert witness from time to time and I also continue to
occasionally post on the Listserv.  However, I now post less frequently
and more carefully than in years past.

So far, SEAINT has not found its way into any of my depositions or
testimony.  Like David Fisher, I have been surprised a few times when I
am introduced to a new client or prospect and they promptly announce
that they already know me from years of lurking on the Listserv.  I
always respond by apologizing and explaining that they shouldn't ever
trust anything that they stumble upon in cyberspace.

To illustrate just how serious this problem can be, everyone should go
to Google and enter their full email address in the search box.  The
results might be eye-opening.  Then do a second search, this time
entering everything before "@" as one word and everything after "@" as a
second word.  These results will be shocking!  My full email address
currently brings 37 results, but the two-word search brings a whopping
631 results.  Caution:  such a search has been known to cause lack of


Hiding in Dallas     

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