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Re: META-DISCUSSION: How Participation on SEAINT Can Hurt You

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On Nov 10, 2004, at 7:16 PM, Bill Polhemus wrote:

Chris, it may have been "business," but he had a way of making it sound VERY personal.
I know just what you mean. I've been on both sides of one of those, and I know of one case where a lawyer had one witness so tangled up he was actually close to tears. But the kinds of lawyers who do that are only thinking about one thing--the contingent fee if they win. I don't mean that I haven't met lawyers who are hyper-competitive type A åssholes, only that I've never met one who bore me any more personal malice that he would a mouse in a trap.

How do you answer a question like "the fact is, you're just plain incompetent, aren't you?" and (in opening statements to the panel) "I don't know who this guy is, no one seems to have ever heard of him, he doesn't even seem to be able to keep a job..."
I have to admit I've never heard tell of such insulting behavior in a court room, let alone had anyone say such a thing to me, but it's appalling that your client didn't object or that the judge didn't stop that kind of personal attack. it's hard to imagine how I'd respond, but your lawyer/client ought to have his ass soundly kicked (before losing his license to practice law) for letting it go on. So should the judge. I've been at trials where someone's testimony was disallowed for lack of qualifications or foundation for an opinion, but never in circumstances where a judge ever permitted that kind of talk.

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