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Re: WOOD: Availability of No.1 and Select Structural Grades

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David Maynard wrote:

It may also be worth
your time to consult with your client as to how this contractor is acting,
especially concerning a screw up on his part.  Best of luck.
This is actually a great idea. So much of what I'd like to do is on the "back burner" for when I run out of "real work" to do (i.e. "never" if I can help it).

I have just hired a part-time "co-op" student (I think now they call them "interns" which is kinda confusing in the engineer biz, where "intern" has a connotation related to the "FE" test), and one thing I've told her is that I will ALWAYS give her a certain minimum number of hours each week. My idea is that I will have her do a lot of these "Quadrant Four" (c.f. Stephen Covey) activities that I just haven't got time for, like writing Mathcad sheets for repetitive design functions and doing research like this.

My problem is that I have no contacts in the lumber industry (I'm not counting the guy at Home Depot), and so she'll have to look up some names and build a contact list.

If anyone "out there" (particularly you guys with AWC, etc.) have a list of Houston-area contacts available, feel free to shoot it my way.

Thanks again, guys. Someday, all of this will be in the hands of some lawyer who will doubtless use it against me in a court of law, but for now, it's all good.

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