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Re: WOOD: Availability of No.1 and Select Structural Grades

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"My problem is that I have no contacts in the lumber industry (I'm not 
counting the guy at Home Depot), and so she'll have to look up some 
names and build a contact list."

You don't need a friend at the lumber yard.  Most of the yards I have dealt with want to sell lumber, and are happy to let a stranger know what they have and what they can get so that they can sell it to you.  They probably try harder and give better prices to their best customers, but it sounds like you would be happy knowing some typical availabilities.  I have only gotten a rude sned off from a supplier once.  I was working on a very large building with a very deep excavations, and the easiest sequencing appeared to involve abandoning an excavator at the bottom of the hole.  So, I was tasked to find out what the excavator cost to see if it was feasible to bury one.  After hearing the situation, the supplier hung up on me.   Either they thought it was a crank call, or they took offense to the thought of wasting one of their lovely excavators.  Short of that, though, suppliers and salespeople are usually quite helpful.  

Paul Crocker, PE, SE

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