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Re: SmartSketch

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jascopac wrote:

Does anyone know of any reference manuals for SmartSketch?

How do you mean? Have you purchased the product, or are you talking about the "LE" version that came with Mathcad (at least it did a few years ago).

FWIW, before I bit the bullet and purchased Autocad LT, I actually purchased SmartSketch 3.0, upgrading from the MCAD version. It really wasn't half bad, in fact I kind of preferred it to Autocad or similar products when putting together "sketches" such as for Mathcad calcs or illustrations in reports. For some reason I quit using it a few years ago. I still have the book around here somwhere, if that would be any help to you. Perhaps I could fax it? It can't be that big. (Maybe the manual is on the disk as a PDF, too, I could look when I get a breather around here).

Let me know.

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