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Reinforcing grades

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I just thought I would send this out as a comment.  Last week I looked at some retaining wall footing reinforcing that had just been put in place along with dowels from the footing to the wall which is to be a CMU wall.  When I looked at the bars I was pretty sure that they were grade 40 bars.  The contractor was sure they were grade 60 because that’s what they told him when he bought them.  I showed him a copy of a page that was from a recent concrete text that I purchased that showed how to determine the grade by the number of ribs or by a grade stamp.  He was going to check in to it and let me know what was going on with the supplier, but I didn’t hear back from him.  This morning I had the same conversation with the masonry sub, only I’m pretty sure he will get to the bottom of the question, since he was charged for grade 60 and given grade 40.  After looking at the copy of the page from the text he agrees that they look like grade 40, but he said they worked, and cut like grade 60.  I had re-calculated the requirements and grade 40 was still adequate, but the question still remains.


Just a little note for you to pass on to your younger engineers that may be looking at rebar in the field.


J. Grill


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