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Re: Wood Dowels embedded in concrete

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Section 8.2.3 of the 1997 NDS might help some.  It seems to give some
guidance on how the Table 11E (and the similar if not identical table 8.2E
in the 1997 NDs) are determined.  According to section 8.2.3 of the 1997
NDS, you are to use the lesser of Equations 8.2-2, 8.2-3, 8.2-4, 8.2-5 and
8.2-6 (which equate to 11.3-2 through 11.3-6 in the 2001 NDS).  You use
the dowel bearing strength of the concrete or masonry for Fem and it
appears the embeddment depth of the masonry for tm or lm (note that since
you don't use Equation 8.2-1/11.3-1, then the only Equation with tm/lm is


Adrian, MI

On Thu, 11 Nov 2004, Jim Wilson wrote:

> NDS Table 11E is for single shear sawn lumber bolted to concrete with an embedment of 6" or greater.  For a case with less than 6" embedment, is there some sort of an adjustment factor to determine the capacity?  For a paltry couple hundred pounds of loading, is a 6" embedment any different than a 3" or 4" embedment?
> Or is it perhaps acceptable to use either Table 11J for lag screws or Table 11A for bolts, hopefully as a conservative backup?  Table 11A would be a much better value, but then what would be the thickness for the main member?  It might be reasonable to use a large thickness for the main member to better model the concrete, but that might be a real stretch.
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