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Re: META-DISCUSSION: How Participation on SEAINT Can Hurt You

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I like to think of it as a "game face." It's that competitive alter-ego we all show when under competitive pressure. I've had to train my intellectual game face to be a much nicer one than my physical game face. 7 on 7 tackle football in the backyard used to get me pretty riled up!

Unfortunately, with the exception of the naturally gifted few, a good persona for adversarial reviews (design reviews, safety reviews, and testimony) is a learned quality that requires quite a bit of experience. Practice doesn't cut it...when the guy on the other side has a vested interest in proving you wrong, you've got to be really secure. Personally, I find it just as much fun as football, but with the advantage that I don't have three days of bruises and aches afterwards.

Oh, and I checked Google (as I do from time to time to see if I get any hits on my ws), and the seaint list has increased my hits, pushing my existence in the Astronaut Candidate hopefuls list down past the first page ;-)

I'll admit that I'm used to relative anonymity on the 'net, as I use a pseudonym on most public forums.


It's not easy to to sit there and be polite and objective when someone is trying to discredit you, but it's important to remember that it's business, not personal. I've run into very few lawyers who are basically unpleasant nasty characters--when they seem to get nasty, they're trying to get you rattled, so that you'll look unsure of yourself. If you try giving opposing counsel some of his own medicine, you'll only get the jury thinking about how much they dislike you both. That's a fatal mistake, because you lose credibility and destroy any willingness by the jury to listen to what you have to say. If your client is sharp, he'll often jump in with an objection to let you catch your breath.

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