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Re: WOOD: Long Boards

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At 08:21 AM 11/11/2004 -0600, you wrote:
Ignorance on parade, here. How does this guy get any clients?

I have quite a few "longer than the 18' stock length" 2x joists in a current design. (The 18' stock length is what Woodworks insists is the rule).

My question is: Just how much of a problem is this? How much additional cost might be incurred? Is it better to look at I-joists for spans greater than 18 feet? Or didn't someone mention a Simpson splice connector in here earlier (sorry, I wasn't listening closely enough).


I mentioned that , tongue firmly planted in cheek, the contractor might want to splice 2 -16' 2x12s into a 32' long board using simpson mending plates. Those plates are useless for any load, let along bending. I usually balk at lengths over 20' in solid sawn for residential, as many of my clients are not used to special ordering lumber, and do not like the price or delays which can sometimes be involved.


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