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Re: WOOD: Availability of No.1 and Select Structural Grades

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I have seen 2x12 SS S. Pine in a job in the last three years. It was used for a truss. The truss suppliers seem to be able to get just about anything they need. I regularly see No.1 and (less regularly) SS on truss shop drawings in sizes up to 2x8. A bit OT: one local fab house gets its general lumber for wall panels by the container load from somewhere in Scandinavia, iirc. The direct cost is comparable to SPF, and they claim fewer defects and less movement during dry-down.

The big box stores will usually only stock SPF No2 (aka "crap") and some S. Pine No. 2 in the x10 and x12 sizes from my experience in S. Virginia. I've never seen any PT lumber on the shelf that wasn't S. Pine No.2.


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