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Re: STANDARD BUILDING CODE: What is the windload criteria for SBC 1997

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David Topete wrote:

I found a copy of the 1997 SBC in our office.  It
basically uses the fastest-mile speed at 33ft above
ground, Exp. C., annual probability of 0.02 per SBC
Figure 1606.  The SBC provisions apparently apply to
low-rise structures (=< 60ft), and other limiting
David Topete
Thanks. The "shop drawings" I'm reviewing reference the 7-95 criteria, which (if I'm reading you correctly) were NOT incorporated into the 1997 SBC. In that case, he might have a little bit of a "heavy" design for wind (we're talking about right down on the Texas Gulf Coast, so this is an issue).

Can you verify for me whether the 1997 SBC referenced 7-95 as an acceptable alternative (i.e. incorporated by reference)? I need to know whether to "gig" this guy or not.

Thanks x2.

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