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Re: Concrete Structure Evaluation

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Thanks for the words of advice.  I never thought of it in those terms.  You're absolutely right, well, almost.  I am actually a sub consultant to another engineer who will issue the final report with his seal.  He wants me to give him a second opinion before he issues his report.  There are original CD's from construction I can use.
This is a heavy industrial structure for a steel mill.  They are changing a 85K transformer out for a 185K transformer.  I'm not sure how you would load test something that big.  That's a lot of sand bags or barrels of water!
On Fri, 12 Nov 2004 09:56:01 -0600 "Caldwell, Stan" <scaldwell(--nospam--at)> writes:
Be aware that you are about to become the new engineer-of-record for this building and proceed accordingly.  If reliable construction documents exist, you should be able to use them, plus a visual observation of existing conditions, to reasonably ascertain the safe capacity of the structure.  If necessary, this can be augmented with a nondestructive testing program and perhaps even with limited sampling and testing.  If construction documents are not available, then the best way to verify capacity is through load testing.  The requirements are spelled out in Chapter 20 of ACI 318.  I have found it necessary to load test 4 or 5 concrete structures, both old and new.  Each situation was unique, but the process was reasonably straightforward and allowed me to reach a conclusion with a reasonable measure of certainty.
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Richard Lewis wrote:
I need to evaluate an existing concrete framed building for possibly adding heavier floor loads.  It was built in the mid 1970's.  Are there any items I need to be concerned about regarding changes in the code for rebar detailing?  I recall that older buildings had different development lengths and cutoff lengths for steel.  Was that pretty much corrected by the mid 70's?  The building is located in central TX so seismic considerations are low.