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RE: Concrete Structure Evaluation

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I didn't attend the SEAoT state conference this year due to conflicts with mandatory NCSEA and AEI meetings.  I spent four days in New Orleans and three days in Baltimore just prior to the SEAoT event, and three days in Reston just after it.  In between, I felt that I needed to spend some time in the office so that my staff wouldn't figure out that they didn't miss me!  Also, as a member of the TBPE/TBAE Joint Advisory Committee on the Practice of Engineering and Architecture, I am seeing plenty of Austin this year.
SEAoT always puts on a great annual conference, and with both technical and professional tracks for the first time, this was supposed to be the best ever.  I hope that you enjoyed it and I will look forward to seeing you there next year. 
Stan R. Caldwell, P.E.
Dallas, Texas
Go Bucky!  Thump the Spartans!
Oh, by the way, I missed seeing you at the SEAoT convention.  Were you there?