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MISC.: Hardy Panel 24" - Anchor Installation

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Hi, folks.

I have no prior experience with the Hardy Panel/Hardy Frame product, but they appear to be ideal for a funky CFS framed sign support I'm doing for a car dealership down on the Texas Gulf Coast. The sign isn't all THAT high, but it's on the channel side, smack in the middle of Wind Category "D" territory and 130 mph 3-Second Gust. Big push, needless to say.

I note that the 24" Hardy Panel has provision for a middle "shear" bolt.
From the HF details, it looks like this middle bolt might typically be a
"normal" sill plate anchor, but the hole provided in the base of the Panel is a 2" slot, same size as for the big "hold-down" bolts. Am I correct in assuming I should put another anchor bolt/rod right there, same size as the two "hold-down" bolts? Or am I looking at this wrong? It woudn't be the first time.


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