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Re: MISC.: Hardy Panel 24" - Anchor Installation

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Dennis Wish wrote:

Hardy frames (this is considered a frame rather than a panel that is
sheathed on one side with light gauge metal) is treated the same as it is a
plywood shearwall. The holddown device in the Hardy frames is a 7/8" or
1-1/8" diameter threaded rod installed concentrically inside the 12-gauge
columns (this is either 8 or 12 gauge if my memory holds).
With this said, I believe that the bearing plate for the holddown is
actually raised above the concrete or wood plate. Because of this, I would
believe that there is some capacity in shear to be obtained in the holddown
device, but the shear for the reaction of the lateral load applied to the
panel is obtained in the shear anchor located in the center of the panel. I do agree that you should call Hardy or visit their website for additional
information, but my initial guess is that you need to treat the two systems
independent of one another (shear and uplift). If the anchor is applied over
a wood plate then the sill transfers the shear at the bottom to the concrete
and installation and size of the anchor bold required in the Hardy frame is
calculated on the demand of the Hardy frame and the capacity of the bolt in
shear minus consideration for the tension and compression anchors at each
end of the panel.
Dennis, thanks for your response--and thanks to the others who've responded.

Interestingly, each person responding apparently assumes that I have NO information about Hardy Panels at all (and they are "panels" that I'm using; the "frames" are a different sort of item altogether. I need the panels because I have a very narrow application).

Please be assured that I did exhaust all the information I could find online, to the extent that I was even able to formulate a question--note that I was asking about the details that I found via the website.

Also, I am confused about the apparent differentiation here between "hold-down" and "shear" anchors. Although I do understand that for the 24" Hardy Panel the two end anchors are "hold-downs," I must also assume that all THREE anchors, including the one in the middle, are intended to resist shear.

After all, for the 12" and 18" width panels, there are only TWO bolt holes provided for either the 7/8" or 1-1/8" diameter bolt specified by the manufacturer. In that case the two bolts are obviously both "hold-down" and "shear" (although thinking about it, they could be seen as EITHER one OR the other, since the force will be acting in only one direction--and I'm not considering vertical action in that assumption. So I guess with the 24" panel you can have TWO shear and ONE hold-down acting at any instant. I admit I'm not really following your comment about "compression anchor." I assume the "upward" acting force in the hold-down resisting force couple acts at or near the leeward corner of the Hardy Panel).

But my real question was, is the "shear" anchor in the middle of the 24" panel the same diameter as the other two? I guess it doesn't make that much difference how I spec it--there's obviously not much cost differential in specifying, say, two (2) 5/8" diamter vs. two (2) 1-1/8" diamter in my specific case.. I'm just making sure that I understood what was intended. If I worded my question inexactly, I apologize.

As it happens, the holes for all three bolts are exactly the same--2" x 1-3/16" slots. So if I spec a 1-18" for the center bolt, it will still fit.

Oh, and lastly: I should point out once again that I'm using these in CFS framing, so the stuff about the 2x sill plate does not apply in my case.

Thanks for your response, once again. I guess I sort of answered my own question, through this "stream of consciousness" reply to your post.

Regards to all.

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