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ASC wrote:
The general pricing of drugs is the best example of how degenerate
the free enterprise system becomes at times. It can't be otherwise,
since the whole US administration is in the pockets of the parmaceutical
Prove. it.

I'm always amazed at how, when a Republican is in office, all of a sudden there's "corporate influence in the White House" that is never noticed when the Democrats hold sway. How do you think Democrats get their money? Little old ladies' mattresses?

The corporate problems of late such as Enron, the dot-bomb flap, etc., all happened on CLINTON'S WATCH, for example. There is no more "influence" of pharmaceutical or any other corporate entity in this administration than there is in any other. In fact, the Clinton years were FAMOUS for "ancillary interests" being involved in the White House; the "White House coffee" phenomenon was a regular feature of the Clinton years.

The fact is that where there is no incentive, there is no innovation. The Drugs wouldn't even be there if it weren't for capitalism.

Let me give you a better example in Australia: Most drugs are
"on the list" and if they are you don't pay more than $22.00.
The gvt negotiates with the big drug companies.
They hate this and would like to impose higher prices.
US admin is behind them. That's why the free-trade deal
may not happen between the countries.
Give me a break. If they "hated it," they wouldn't agree to it. You're imputing motives and "feelings" with nothing to back them up. I guarantee, whatever the Aussie gov't has negotiated, it is mutually agreeable. So the "drug compnies want to impose higher prices?" Who doesn't? I would like to "impose higher prices" on my clients as well. But competition--the free enterprise system you denigrate--won't allow it. There's that "invisible hand" again, and it works SO WELL.

This whole thing is a political hatchet-job. Well, I have news for you: The election year is over--for you as well, and as I recall the conservative won Down Under as well. Save it for next time.
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