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Re: Structural Nut Grades

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ASTM F1554,  "Standard Specification for Anchor Bolts, Steel, 36, 55, and 105 ksi Yield Strength" provides a table for the applicable nut for each of the three grades of bolts.  Typically this is a certain grade A563 nut however you could use ASTM A194 nuts.

ASTM A563, "Standard Specification for Carbon and Alloy Steel Nuts", has a nonmandatroy Appendix X1, "Intended Application" which shows the applicable nut to go with a long list of different bolt grades.

Thomas Hunt, S.E.
ABS Consulting

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11/15/2004 03:39 PM

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Structural Nut Grades

My ignorance is showing here.
I have, in the past, assumed that when I specify a bolt, that the associated nut will have the equivalent strength.  Recently I was asked to OK a mix & match scenario.  We are using a 50ksi threaded rod with a washer & nut for anchorage into concrete.  I was asked if a grade 5 nut would suffice.
I would normally take a grade 5 nut to have an equivalent strength for an A307 bolt, and a grade 8 nut for A325 & A490 bolts.
1)    Is this correct?
2)    Can I use a grade 5 (grade B to ASTM A563) as a suitable connection to a 50ksi threaded tension rod?  Should I spec the grade 8.
3)    Where can I reference the mechanical properties for nuts?

Thor A. Tandy P.Eng
Victoria, BC