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Chicago Building Inspectors

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Some time ago I asked a question about unions and Chicago Building inspectors.  It turned into a blue versus red discussion, and I was very disappointed that none of the terribly intelligent responses  managed to include a reference to ketchup.
My question - which I would think most structural engineers in Chicago would want to know the answer to -- no SHOULD know the answer to -- is whether someone who has become a Chicago building inspector by virtue of having a union card and two years of construction experience is considered qualified to inspect high rise buildings in Chicago.
It hit the Chicago papers  in September (probably didn't make Fox news, so maybe very few engineers heard about it) - when the 19-year-old son of the carpenter's local secretary-treasurer was hired as a building inspector.  The job pays $50,000 year plus benefits - why bother getting an engineering degree?  Turns out the 23-year old son the carpenter's local president was also a building inspector.
Some people I have asked seemed to think these are just porch inspectors - depositions in the porch collapse that killed 13 people have found the inspectors got their jobs by having union cards.  But had simply bought the cards, had no construction experience.  Although one of them at least could read.  He just hadn't read any of the manuals he was supposed to.
My question (again)  is whether these guys with carpenter's union cards are also inspecting high rises?
Also,  is belonging to the carpenter's union enough to get you a job as a building inspector in any other city?
Gail Kelley