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RE: STEEL: Q - What is the proper procedure for submitting/approving an alternate design?

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The Contractor agreed to build the building as originally designed.  As
long as the original design is doable the Owner has no motivation to
entertain a substitution.  Unless the Owner is getting money back or is
otherwise benifeting it is not clear why you would want to entertain a
substitution.  You are not on call to make changes to improve the
Contractors profit.  In addition changes during construction all too often
result in claims and should be handled with care.

Most agreements between the Owner and the Contractor make provisions for
handling substitutions and there is often a special section in the
specifications dedicated to substitutions.  Contracts typically state that
the Contractor will pay the costs of the Owners consultants associated with
the substitution.  In addition the Contractor is often required to sign a
statement that protects the Owner from additional costs and future claims.

Read the Contract and specifications manual.

Once the question of money is addressed there whould be no problem with you
providing the calculations.

Mark Gilligan

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