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RE: STEEL: Q - What is the proper procedure for submitting/approv ing an alternate design?

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How's this:  

The document you need to refer to is the contract documents, of which your
drawings are a part.

The contractor bid on the original stamped design drawings, and is bound by
his contract to detail, fabricate, and construct the structure based on
those drawings.  If the submitted shop drawings do not match your stamped
design drawings they are in non-compliance and can be legally rejected.
Also, if the contractor significantly changes the structural system your
stamps on the original drawings are useless because the drawings are void.

However, to be a "team player" and to potentially save the owner some money,
you might entertain changing the system.  The final system is LEGALLY
REQUIRED to be designed and stamped by the SEOR, or designed and stamped by
a Specialty Engineer and approved by the SEOR.  The specifics of this
legality depend on your local plan review jurisdiction and PE board rules.

The only question is, "Who pays for designing the changes?"  You have no
contractual, legal, or ethical obligation to spend time re-designing
something because the contractor doesn't like your original method.  If the
contractor is saving money by changing YOUR design, then he should be
willing to pass some of that along to you for your re-design time.
Otherwise, he needs to hire a specialty engineer.  If the contractor is NOT
saving money, then he needs to follow your original drawings.

I know it's too late for this, but all these changes should have been
coordinated through RFI's long before the shops were submitted.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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> As a follow-up:
> I'm seeing a lot of information about what each respondent expects to
> see. I do appreciate that, and it provides food for thought.
> However, I was apparently not clear in my question:
> What I want to know is, are there any governing standards, notably by
> AISC (such as the Code of Standard Practice) that governs how something
> like this ought to be handled? How about CASE documents? Anything?
> In this case, my contact doesn't cover ANYTHING like this situation, and
> I am trying to proceed based, not on my own opinion (my recent legal
> adventures have taught me how much that's worth), but on industry
> standards or established law.
> Thanks once again.

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