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Brick shelf angles

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What is the maximum vertical spacing for brick veneer shelf angles ?  The Canadian masonry code S304.1-94, Clause 16.9.4 for empirical design of brick veneers states 11 metres to the first shelf, then a maximum spacing of 3.6 metres.
I would like to be able to use 2 story spacing above the 11 m if possible for a concrete-frame building, total of 5 stories of brick facing.  That would translate to a single shelf angle ( at level 4) instead of 2 (at levels 4 and 5).  And with the price of shelf angles - apparently 225 $ a metre, about 75 $ a foot, (does that sound right ? I am still not convinced, but that's what the construction manager says), it's worth doing the research.
The Masonry Institute at  says that the 3.6 metre (12') limit was intended for wood stud framing, I suppose to relieve the shrinkage problems of wood.  Concrete framing has some shrinkage problems too, but normally not as much as wood.
Since the code requirement in Canada is for empirical design, are there any Canadian engineers out there with an opinion on whether this requirement is binding or not ?  If I do a rational analysis and show that the expected shrinkage over 2 stories can be taken up with a single shelf angle, I think that it would satisfy the code, since it would not be an empirical design, and so would not come under clause 16.
I would ask my friendly building official, but we don't have them in Quebec.  So no-one is going to challenge my decision, but I would like to do the right thing anyway.  Some of professional ethics thing I suppose.

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