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RE: Brick shelf angles

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I don't have access to any Canadian requirements, the in the US (2000 IBC
section 1400 and ACE 530-99 section 6.2) the masonry veneer relief angle
spacing is based on:
 - Structural capacity of the angle, edge beam, and connections;
 - Building construction type; and
 - Curtain wall construction type.

Structural capacity is a no-brainer - if the weight of 3 floors of veneer
causes the edge beam or connectors to fail, then 3 floors is too much.
Usually, the most important "failure" criterion is beam deflection.

Wood structures or other structures with wood curtain walls are limited to a
maximum "Height at Plate" of 30 ft., with an absolute maximum at isolated
gables of 38 ft.  This cannot be extended with relief angles.  As I
understand it, the purpose of this limitation is to keep large sections of
brick walls falling on rescue workers after the wood backing burns away
during a fire.

Any structures with metal stud curtain walls must have relief angles FOR
EVERY FLOOR above the heights in the preceding paragraph.  The angles don't
have to be ON the floor and can be located at window heads or where ever is
convenient.  This will probably apply to your situation, and is probably
also for fire-related issues.

There is no requirement for relief angles for structures with masonry or
concrete curtain walls, other than the strength of the bottom courses of
veneer and movement/shrinkage crack issues. 

I did some research for a client a few months ago on this topic, and I can
fax my "report" if you provide your fax number off list.  It's basically a
fax cover sheet with some notes followed by copies of 6 pages of the two
referenced codes with more notes and highlighted paragraphs.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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