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Masonry reinforcement lap length in IBC 2003

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    I am wondering if I am misinterpereting the code. My question relates to IBC 2003 equation 21-2 vs ACI 530-02 equation 2-9. The ACI equation is giving me a 36" lap length for a #6 bar. However, as I interpret IBC section 2107.2.3 it supercedes this equation with its eq 21-2 which increases my lap length to 65"! The masonry wall is a 12" retaining wall with the following information: db=.75", fy=60,000 psi, gama=1.4 for a #6 bar, K=3" (rebar cover), and f'm=1,500. Do I really need to increase my lap length this much or is there something I am missing?
Wesley C. Werner