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Re: List Suggestion

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Ray -

> I have a filter set for that, but the incoming email addess (in your
> posting's case) that the filter checks was <john(--nospam--at)>, not
> <seaint(--nospam--at)>.  MSF Plus' hotmail site apparently doesn't check and
> does not provide a check on the "reply-to" address, which is where the seaint
> address is located.  But it does check to see if there is a certain character
> string in the subject.

John is suggesting filtering on the To: and/or cc: fields (which typically contain seaint's address), not the From: field (containing the sender's
email), which is what you imply in your email.  I dunno if M$ has a way
to handle this in their webmail systems, but nearly any decent mail reader
can do this.  I understand Thuderbird (from mozilla) can read webmail, and
I *know* it has filtering capabilities.

I, like John, have a filter in place the filters on To: and/or cc:
and it screens nearly everything.  The only ones the sneak through
are the ones that come out bcc'd to seaint.


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