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Re: Load combinations for equ. lateral analysis as per IBC-2000

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I am doing seismic analysis as well as seismic design of a 2D frame in
STAAD using equivalent lateral force procedure (1617.4)as per IBC-2000. I
am considering the following load cases as per

1. 1.4DL+1.7LL
2. 1.05DL+1.28LL+1.4EL
3. 0.9DL+1.43EL
4. 1.4DL
5. 1.2DL+1.6LL+0.5LLr
6. 1.2DL+1.6LLr+0.5LL
7. 1.2DL+0.5LLr+0.5LL
8. 1.2DL+1.0EL+0.5LL
9. 0.9DL+1.0EL

In the above load cases I have omitted windload, snow load etc. as I am
not considering them. Will my analysis be valid

Is there significant wind? Is there snow? (Isn't there some concern about the effect of snow with seismic as an increase of mass? Been a long time since I "did" Wal*Marts, which was the last time I did any UBC-style seismic analysis).

If in your considered opinion as a competent structural engineer, these load effects are not liable to contribute anything critical, then by all means, leave 'em off.

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