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Arizona Snow Loads

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This is strange. I tried to send this about 30 minutes ago, but it hasn’t shown up yet.  At least I didn’t receive it and I usually see my own posts.


Anyway, I am looking for a copy, even a copy of a copy of  the publication “Ground Snow Loads in Arizona”.  Some time back Roger Turk responded to someone on the list about the publication, but even at that time he said he had loaned his copy and it wasn’t returned.  I contacted the local SEAoA and they have no copies and event though it has been a topic in the last meeting, they don’t know where to find a copy.  I did a google and found nothing.


Does anyone out there have a copy they would reproduce and send (or fax) to me?  Or, does anyone know where a copy of this publication may be found?



J. Grill


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