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RE: List Suggestion

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> Unfortunately, my enthusiam on using the delete key followed by the flush
> button sometimes deletes stuff I found later that I didn't want to delete.
> And changing email addresses is the cyber equivalent of moving to protect
> your family from street gangs.  But I shouldn't have to do this.  And the
> spam filters I have (I've used commercial and shareware versions) some
> simply don't work after a short while.  It's like the cold war, one side
> comes up with a defense, and the other side comes up with a way of getting
> by that defense.

I highly recommend "Cloudmark Spamnet".  It's commercial (not free), but I
received a copy as a package when I purchased a firewall for my home

I've had this address for 7 years and I received on the order of 600-700
spam each week.  Only 2 or 3 of these (on average) slip by Spamnet.  It
works on the concept that every time you block a spam it uploads that
information and uses it to update everyone else's version.  As soon as the
first few people manually block a particular spam everyone else's is
automatically blocked.

I have mine set to put the spam in a "junk-mail" folder, and I did have to
go through periodically and unblock messages at the start.  The bonus is
that once you unblock them they stayed unblocked.  It currently very rarely
blocks legit messages.

Jason Kilgore
Leigh & O'Kane, LLC
Kansas City, Missouri

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