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Re: British Report on Slabe on Grade

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Himat Solanki wrote:


Based on my response to Issue on the "High Tire Pressure on Concrete Slab" . I did receive several resopnse to a copy of the report.

But the problem is, that report is for high TYRE pressure (see

You want high TIRE pressure.

Also, I imagine that report is in SI units (meaning "Systeme Internationale," which is French--you can tell because it always has more vowels than it need, more than anything except Italian). Trying to do an American design using a British report rendered in French units is going to drive you crazy.


Your country thanks you.

[N.B. Go ahead and try the reports from Australia and New Zealand, though. Okay, actually, I just want to see your head explode from using a book with British spelling, French units and all the words upside-down]

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